Greg McMurdo Memorial Conducting Clinic 2019



We are pleased to report that this event was a great success. We hope that our beloved Greg would have been proud.

With 51 participants, including 5 regional and 2 interstate we had a thoroughly mixed group of attendees, involving participants from both the String and Band conducting strands.

Anne Williams, one of Greg’s dear colleagues from Geraldton, was able to conduct her own composition “The Sad Porcupine” with the Churchlands Wind 1 ensemble, as part of the event. This opportunity was thoroughly beneficial for both Anne and the Churchlands students, who were able to see a role model for a female composer up there on the podium. Go Anne!

We sincerely appreciate all of the fantastic work that Steve Williams did with our delegates over the course of the three days. His extensive notes, focusing constantly on improving the quality of the sound and vast experience in providing rehearsal techniques that benefit the students were fantastic for all.

We appreciate the time and the effort put into the launching of this new event and are grateful for the support of every person involved.

Onward and upward to Greg’s Memorial in 2020!


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